Official part of the conference starts every day at 10:00 AM. Conference room is opened from 8:30 AM.

Program for all 3 days are planned (preliminary) as follows:

10:00 AM morning session
  1:00 PM Lunch
 2:00 Afternoon session
 6:00 Dinner
 7:00 Evening session

Conference will end on December 01 at around 21:00 PM

Language and translation

Conference will be held in English (without translation).

Native speakers of Russian who speak English can share the information after dictations.

Food options

Lunch and dinner food is vegetarian. We plan to offer some meat option(s) as well.


Conference will be held in Pirita Spa Hotel (Link).



From airport

Bus guidelines will be added soon.

Taxi cost 6-12 EUR

From bus station

Bus guidelines will be added soon.

Taxi cost 6-12 EUR

From harbour

Bus guidelines will be added soon.

Taxi cost 6-12 EUR

From train station (central)

Bus guidelines will be added soon.

Taxi cost 8-15 EUR

Conference prices

Full conference + lunch + dinner inclusive
1 day conference + lunch + dinner inclusive
2 days conference + lunch + dinner inclusive

Lodging in Pirita Spa Hotel (price per 2 bed room)
Lodging in Pirita Spa Hotel (price per 3 bed room)

280 EUR (250 EUR, if payment received latest Oct. 31st.)
135 EUR
215 EUR

55 EUR incl breakfast
75 EUR incl breakfast

In case you want to find conference participant (same sex) to share room we can assist to find a match

Payment for conference must be done in advance based on our invoice.

Payment for lodging must be done with check in by participants.

Registration for conference

Your early registration helps us prepare better for the conference.
You can register right now and pay later in autumn. Even if you are not 100% sure about your participation, please fill the form - just mention that you will decide about participation finally later.

Web conference

web conference fee is 80 EUR

Technical questions about webinar you can send to Gregor Seiko.
Before sending questions please fill in registration form above, where in message box you can add your questions.

Questions and answers

Please send your question(s) - one at a time via form below. Andrea Pones Micus will organize and forward them.

Payment information

Please pay your conference fee by wire transfer:

Beneficiary name: Kuldajastu MTÜ
Beneficiary address: Koondise tn 9-11, Saue linn, Harju maakond, 76505, Estonia

Bank: SEB
IBAN: EE821010220202212220

Bank address: Tornimae 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia

Payment description: Tallinn conference participation fee. Add participant's name if it differs from payer's name.

In case you want to pay by payment card or PayPal - 5% additional fee applies. Let us know if this is the case.

In case your own currency is not EUR - good option to pay might be via TransferWise - Link

Other communication

In case you want to communicate with organizing team about other topics - please send your message via form below.

See You in Tallinn!

Organizing team

Merit Imala

conference registration (international)

Gregor Seiko

Webinar registration and broadcasting

Rauno Rööpson

Catering questions

Piret Kokk

Room decoration

Andrea Micus

Questions to Masters

Kim Michaels


Age Lepp

Invoicing, accounting and registration (Estonian)

Anna Pokrovskaja

Webinar broadcasting

Marit Lüüs

accommodation coordination

Kirill Novotnõi

Bus directions information

Argos Kracht

general initiative

Ascended Masters

challenging participants limiting beliefs